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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Eleven Plus Opportunities

Years ago the very wealthy used to employ a tutor to prepare their children. The tutor taught the necessary mathematics and English – along with Latin and Greek. Entry to the top private schools was through Common Entrance – which exists today.

As time marched by parents wanted their young children to attend preparatory schools. The children could mix with others of similar backgrounds – as well as have their horizons broadened by meeting children from all over the world.

Hill House School in London has a page with the results of entrance examinations and success in helping children reach the school of their choice.

On the results page we see children winning places at St Pauls, Cheltenham College, Eton and Harrow.

Another fascinating page is the Diary for the year. The things these fortunate children get up to!

The pages of this school’s website paint a picture of extremely well taught children.

All of us would love to have the same for our children and grand children.

The children who pass the Eleven Plus examinations, along with bright children at other schools, will, however, have the opportunity of rubbing shoulders at university. There is hope yet!

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