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Friday, June 20, 2008

A Second Chance at the Eleven Plus

In 1938 the Spens Report looked at the organisation and interrelation of schools. The report rejected the idea of multilateral schools and felt that grammar school and modern schools should be separate institutions.

The essence of the forward looking plan was that there should be three types of schools:


It was felt then that because there could possibly be mistakes at the age of 11, the same work should be taught to grammar school children as that taught to children in the modern schools. This gave children another chance for grammar school at the age of 13.

Some parents on hearing that their child did not pass the Eleven Plus will need to dream again.

Dream about an education system where children are given a second chance. Think how hard your child would have to work, however, in Years 7 and 8 if he or she had to write another entrance test at 13.

Think of how many times you would have remind your child the need to keep focused.

Think of all the arguments and heated discussions that you would need to with-stand over the two years.

But think of the deep pleasure you would feel if it actually happened. You have to dream about a second chance, don’t you?

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