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Sunday, June 08, 2008

Eleven Plus Logic

Parents some times have to adopt a rather philosophical approach to their child’s Eleven Plus chances.

We know that philosophy is a technique of thinking. It is to do with examining assumptions. Logic plays a big part in philosophy - because we use logic as a tool. The problem is a mother’s logic can be very different from a father’s. The assumptions made by an eleven year old may not always follow perceived logic. A child talking nonsense may possibly be thinking logically.

“I just don’t know what you are thinking about.”

“No, I am not judging you, I just feel that that you are not thinking logically. Listen to me.”

“We have to try to take emotion out of this discussion. We need to examine the facts.”

With these statements as a background what are some assumptions that could be examined?

Assumption 1

Any child who prepares for the Eleven Plus must automatically pass.

Assumption 2

A child’s dream of winning a place in grammar school is as powerful as the dream of the parents.

Assumption 3

Eleven year old children are ready to take on the responsibility of passing a competitive examination.

Assumption 4

Passing the Eleven Plus is an essential destination in a child’s education.

When your child shrugs his or her shoulders and walks away this may be attempt to be mature and philosophical.

When your partner shrugs his or her shoulders and avoids full blooded confrontation then he or she may be examining and acting on different assumptions.

“Oh yes, he is likely to make the grade,” is the very moment that parents have to accept that reason does not always play a logical part in the Eleven Plus journey.

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