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Friday, June 06, 2008

The Eleven Plus and the Apprentice

You want your child to be offered some specialised coaching just before the Eleven Plus examination.

You want to brief the final four candidates – and then select one of them to spend a few hours talking to your child about life, study and the universe. You want a motivated and interesting person to excite your child’s imagination.

Sadly the psychologist, Lucinda Ledgerwood, has gone. Sir Alan thought that she was too zany. It is possible, however, that your child would have benefited from her advice.

That leaves us with the final four:

Claire Young would talk and talk – and your child would need to listen carefully. There would be a lot of good sense.

Lee McQueen would amuse your child with his famous reverse pterodactyl impression. The time together would be light hearted and far ranging. You would, however, need to check his spelling and qualifications.

Alex Wotherspoon may be a little too young. After all he is only 24 and may not have the necessary experience to be able to offer rounded help to your child. He has, however, been at private school for fourteen years – if you think that would help.

Helene Speight would not try to sell anything to your child – but would be able to say what it like to work for an American owned multinational.

Invite the four round for a `nice little chat’. Let your child interview them – and then make his or her choice. After all this is rather like selecting a tutor to work with your child towards the Eleven Plus. You never quite know if your child is going to prefer one approach to another.

Please let me know your thoughts.

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