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Friday, October 03, 2008

Eleven Plus Apprentices

In the tale of Oliver Twist Mr Sowerberry took on Oliver as an apprentice. Oliver was not very happy about this so wandered around with a rather miserable face. Mr Sowerberry was an undertaker, so there was no wonder that Oliver was not all that happy. Oliver’s role was to attend funeral of children.

For many poor children becoming an apprentice must have been a wonderful opportunity. An apprentice would usually have had food and lodging along with an opportunity to learn a trade. The ambitious apprentice could, in time, become a master - with all the attendant perks of the job.

Many parents have a dream about their children following an academic career. There could be a real opportunity for a team of CRB checked academics to take on a team of young pre Eleven Plus children and guide them towards an academic career.

The children would have to work through Eleven Plus papers for no more four hours a day. Two hours would be spent in reading improving books. Twenty minutes each day would need to be spent on maintaining an on-line diary that was accessible to their parents. The day would fill up very quickly.

It would not take long for some children to become involved and caught up in the race for academia.

Indeed some children would be able to turn to their savants, and plead in heart breaking tones: “Please Sir, I want some more Verbal Reasoning.”

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