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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Eleven Plus Levels

We often use the words: “Oh yes, he (she) has reached an Eleven Plus level.

In the narrowest sense this could mean that the child has passed, or has the potential to pass, an Eleven Plus examination.

The words could also mean that the child is mentally ready to cope with not only Eleven Plus work, but also the pressures of an Eleven Plus examination.

Some children may be working at or around an Eleven Plus level for the duration of the pre examination preparation. Other children may have the ability to rise to the occasion and then surprise all concerned.

Reaching an Eleven Plus level may refer to one subject only – and not necessarily to the whole examination.

Some parents may choose to hear that the much loved child has reached an Eleven Plus level through the medium of standardised tests. Another child may be awarded the `Reached Eleven Plus Level’ accolade simply on the basis of the experience of the teacher.

It must be comforting for many parents when they realise that the eleven plus examination does not need to be approached in a set manner. One mother may, for example, prefer to work through eleven plus papers with her child, while a different parent may prefer to adopt a more diverse system.

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