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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Eleven Plus Motivation

What motivates an Eleven Plus child to do well in the examinations?

For many children the motivation factors will be far more than chocolates, money and approval. There will be a self generated `good feeling’ factor which will grow as the child begins to recognise that a pass at the Eleven Plus is achievable.

Every time a child answers a group of questions correctly the confidence must grow and the child must feel better.

Just think of your child faced with a `big’ puzzle. Piece by piece the puzzle will build. It is highly unlikely that your child will want to complete the puzzle if offered mere `rewards’ of money or similar treats. The child will become driven by the satisfaction of completing the puzzle.

He or she may state: “I am going to finish this puzzle”. But making a statement like that will not be enough to drive the child to complete the task.

It may not be enough for a child working on a puzzle to hear: “Oh, he is so clever. He can do anything. He will finish puzzle come what may.”

Your child will need the inner satisfaction and drive that will come when success begins to tell its own story.

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