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Thursday, October 02, 2008

The Eleven Plus Journey

Year 5 parents are no doubt talking about the approaching Eleven Plus examination – after all the September / October 2009 examinations are barely a year away.

An early point of discussion by parents must be as to what kind of experiences are needed to ensure that their child wants to learn.

Parents are also going to endure exhaustive research into what kind of resources are necessary to help their child prepare.

There will need to be some thought about whether the extra work should be formal, informal or a combination.

Parents no doubt will be able to be immensely creative in their desire for answers that will suit their child’s circumstances. Parents also know that rewarding their children for hard work and success is an essential part of the Eleven Plus process.

During the Eleven Plus journey, parents will at some time or another, plan, research, discuss, be creative and also be unafraid of giving praise when it is due.

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