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Friday, October 17, 2008

Eleven Plus Methods

At times scorn is thrown at `Traditional Teaching’. One objection to formal learning is that the teaching tends to become over generalised and thus becomes inadequate. More progressive methods are intended to try to cater for the needs of individual children. It really depends on what is being taught and by whom. A choir would be hard pressed to learn to sing in parts without a firm conductor.

In an effort to find an appropriate Eleven Plus method teachers and parents may need to experiment with a variety of methods at one time or another in the cycle of an Eleven Plus adventure.

The first, and possible the most obvious, would be to suggest some form of indoctrination. Here the teacher, or the parent, would be trying to instill a set of values and a positive attitude towards being examined.

A different form of Eleven Plus teaching could try to contain strong elements of conditioning. Here the teaching would probably attempt to include elements of the casual assimilation of knowledge.

A successful Eleven Plus tutor might be recognised as being highly skillful in helping a child to pass an examination. An Eleven Plus child, however, may need more than skillful teaching. What to teach and how to teach is a complex and emotional subject. Parents of Eleven Plus children have lots to think and talk about!

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