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Monday, June 15, 2009

Eleven Plus Adaptability

In broad eleven plus terms we can look at two types of pre examination intelligence. There is the natural intelligence of the child along with factors like the amount of effort put into the child by the parents and school and the degree of desire, by the child, to pass the eleven plus examination.

We may also need a different form of intelligence – and that is adaptive behaviour. Adaptive behaviour is the ability to cope with the natural and social demands of the examination. The ideal eleven plus candidate, therefore, begins to emerge. For some children this could be a child who states, with conviction, that the eleven plus is attainable and that he or she will work hard to achieve that goal.

Of course there are going to be a variety of factors affecting eleven plus performance. Some children may simply not have the ability to pass the examination. After all many eleven plus counties aim at drawing the top 25% into the grammar school system. If there is to be a top 25% there does need to be an average band too.

Other children may not be mature enough to cope with the rigors of the examination. These children may require considerable direction.

Other children will simple `mature into’ into the eleven plus bubble. They will begin to feel confident – and start displaying a responsible attitude towards the examination.

In summary, some teachers and parents may hope for a bright and adaptable child. One who listens carefully and approaches work in a mature and thoughtful manner. Some parents are fortunate enough to have such a child. We wish them well.

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