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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Predicting Eleven Pus Success

One reason for asking children to compete for grammar school places is an attempt to use the results to predict future academic success. In other words a child who does well in the eleven plus, and then has the benefit of a grammar school education, should do well at GCSE, A level and I.B. examinations.

There must have been many comparisons of test results over the years. Are Verbal Reasoning tests better at predicting than Non Verbal Reasoning tests? What part does mathematics play in being a useful predictive tool?

Are there any tests which predict success in particular A level subjects? If so, how good is there predictive power? It would also be very helpful to us to know just how valid the eleven plus test results are.

We know that grammar school rely on the validity of the eleven plus test. We know too that verbal reasoning plays an important part in most eleven plus examinations. Verbal reasoning is a common element in many different eleven plus tests so grammar schools must rely on good verbal reasoning results.

The preparation for verbal reasoning tests must take many different paths. Good reading skills, and a strong usable vocabulary, must help. Good results on verbal reasoning tests must also be affected by the influence of the school, the home and the neighbourhood. A good tutor along with involved parents may sometimes also play a significant part in helping some children to do well on a verbal reasoning test.

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