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Monday, June 01, 2009

Eleven Plus - Rights and Wrongs

We must all wonder a lot about the influence parents have on the development of their children.

“Your son seems to have inherited you ability in engineering.”

“A chip off the old block.”

“Your daughter inherited your love of sports.”

“Your son can do verbal reasoning questions just like his mother did.”

What does seem to be likely is that your enthusiasm for mechanical objects possible means that your children have above average access to all things mechanical and digital.

If your daughter does well at games it is likely that you spent hours in the car travelling to and fro to a wide range of sporting activities from swimming to hockey.

If the son can `do verbal reasoning questions just like the mother’ is likely that the two of them spend time doing verbal reasoning questions together.

A number of eleven year olds, however, are likely to refute any suggests they take after their parents unless it is of value to them. When your child is eleven the opportunity to argue and `discuss endlessly’ is highly appealing. We sometimes see a sweet gentle and wonderfully polite child turn into a virago when the mother asks for information about the course and extent of lessons. This is an invasion of privacy! Other children are content to stand demurely as they are discussed – smiling at the right time – offering helpful suggestions. The roles, however, can be reversed at the twitch of an eye brow.

It is through the endless arguments that your child learns right from wrong and when to thrust to win an argument – or when to back away.

If your child can learn from you to listen to the other side of a discussion and to make wise choices in life then you would really like your child to be a chip off the old block.

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