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Friday, June 19, 2009

Eleven Plus Check Test

The Eleven Plus examinations are but a few weeks away. Most parents, by now, will be resigned to the gods of fate. A little test of fortitude and spirit could help.

Which of the following does your child really need?

A. A full set of current Eleven Plus selection papers.
B. The ability to prepare and deliver a reviving cup of tea.
C. Warmth and loving understanding of the stresses of taking the eleven plus.

Where should your child do the eleven plus preparation?

A. At school because the school always has good results.
B. With Mrs J. Kelly who helped all five of her children pass.
C. In the attic with access to good on line tests.

What is the fundamental rule of the eleven plus?

A. Listen carefully to your parents.
B. Check each answer carefully even if you do not finish.
C. Don’t ask your mother to solve a hard problem while she is dishing up a meal and talking on the telephone.

What is the correct response to an unanswerable question?

A. Just wait until your dad gets home.
B. Just wait until your mother gets home.
C. Just wait until I get you home.

What should you check before you start working with your child?

A. The T.V. is off.
B. You have the answer book secure in your hand.
C. You are impervious to any misleading suggestions.

How long have you been working on the eleven plus?

A. From birth – but I may need more time.
B. We wil start next week – that gives us five weeks to the examination.
C. I was not very good at mathematics at school.

Give yourself 50 marks for each answer you think you have marked correctly.
If you are not sure of the answer then give yourself 40 marks.
If you think you have made a mistake then offer yourself a mere 20 marks.

250 and 300 marks – you are too good to be true.
200-250 marks – one of you has to change – either your child or you.
150 – 200 marks – you are an ideal eleven plus parent. You are naturally full of fears and concerns. You have good friends who enjoy the same type of red wine. Your child will be fine.

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