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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Eleven Plus Motivation

Parents and children perceive their eleven plus tutor in many ways.

The tutor’s attitude to the children and their parents is determined by a number of factors.

The tutor’s personality will affect a relationship

The expectations made by the `customers’.

Other factors like age, sex, experience, qualifications will all play a part.

Inside the class room a teacher has a clearly defined role. The teacher is able to act largely without being questioned. Of course the teacher, in state schools, has to work to the National Curriculum. There is also help and assistance from the head teacher and the senior team at the school. A little cloud arrives on the horizon in the form of an inspection every now and again.

The eleven plus teacher does not have a laid down syllabus or curriculum. The work the teacher or tutor does with the child depends very much on the child’s needs. Parents of course want the best possible attention for their children.

Naturally parents will hope that their children are motivated to do well academically.

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