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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Eleven Plus Mini Tests

In 1991 we started on developing a computer program that used the strengths of the National Curriculum to try to help children to learn in a measured and organised manner. We used standardised tests to diagnose strengths and weaknesses –and our test results were trusted by parents, children and professionals. The great majority of the tests were administered and interpreted by serving teachers – which gave dignity, authority and strength to any diagnosis.

Our program ACTION served us well – prescribing over two and half individualised lessons for children. A few years ago we started on eACTION – that allowed us to use the developing power of the internet to deliver lessons. Back in 1998 some children attending Etc were taught through the internet – but the download speeds were too slow. We used a Macromedia product called Authorware to carry the lessons.

Today eACTION allows us to test and diagnose through a battery of internet ready tests – and deliver lessons to any where in the world. Some children still do pen and paper standardised tests when deemed necessary.

Continuous assessment has always been achieved and carried out through each child’s ACTION plan. We have just added the concept of on line mini tests which allow us to offer partial assessments in the child’s own home.

Children attending our Eleven Plus courses over the coming holidays can be tested to see just how secure their examination readiness is. As the children work through pen and paper eleven plus exercises on the courses their results are entered onto eACTION. Parents and the eleven plus candidates log on to revise and consolidate the work they did in their lessons.

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