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Thursday, July 09, 2009

Eleven Plus Boys and Girls

How does one account for differences between boys and girls as they study for their eleven plus?

A dated and sometimes unfamiliar stereotype of males seems to hover around men being more interested in adventure, physical activity, mechanics, science and business. Women, according to past observations, were more interested in domestic, artistic and humanitarian activities. Males were supposed to be more aggressive, rough and fearless. Females were more timid, sympathetic and emotionally expressive.

All these statements are not as true today. Just watch a determined and able eleven plus female candidate tearing through an eleven plus practice paper. The words: “No prisoners” spring to mind. She can be determined, focused and dedicated. She will be dismissive of the speed of calculation of an ordinary human. She will relish problem solving and will have her eyes set on winning a place in grammar school.

Words like `timid' and `emotionally expressive' will not enter her thoughts and vocabulary.

This week I have worked with an eight year old (She is nearly nine).

I hope she leads our country one day.

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