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Saturday, July 04, 2009

Eleven Plus Changes

What would happen if the the authors of the `Real Eleven Plus' were prepared to ask opinions about the composition and the nature of the tests? There can have been only minute changes to the examination over the past fifty years - and a lot has happened in this time. Wars have come and gone. Education Secretaries have come and gone. Some types of Eleven Plus are still there.

1. Introduce critical thinking tests - as some universities are trialling.

2. Extend other tests - such as projective tests to help in the process of measuring ability.

3. Have each and every child rated by a group of adults and professionals.

4. Measure his or her preference for stressful situations.

5. Spend even more time taking more children though reasoning tests to make it fairer for all.

6. Offer a standard learning task to see how much is learnt and retained.

Of course some will welcome change. Other will argue against change for change's sake. Some will say: "If it ain't broke don't try to fix it. All we can hope is that one day the silent majority will have a voice that can ask for an investigation into thr Eleven Plus examinations

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