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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Putting Fun Into The Eleven Plus

Parents will want to try to help their children feel happy about working towards the Eleven Plus.

Parents will want an atmosphere of co-operation and consent. Most parents will want any arguments nipped in the bud because of the fast moving nature of life. Most parents will remember `King' as there is probably no other game that so encapsulates a sense of fairness.

King is a ball game in which one person has a ball and throws it at one of the other players. There is no retaliation. Anyone who is hit by the ball joins the thrower in trying to hit the rest of the players.

The rules are simple.

You can not run with the ball.
You can pass the ball.
You can punch the ball away with your fist.
The game ends when all the players have been hit.

The start of the game is simple. The players stand around in a circle with their legs apart. The is thrown into the ring and when it passes through the legs of one of the players then that person become the `King'. As soon as the ball passes through the legs everyone runs - except for the `King' who has to catch the ball.

Parents with children who complain about the eleven plus may consider playing this game with their children. The adults will find plenty of opportunities to bring fairness into the conversation. After all the whole game breaks down if one person does not follow the rules. Point out to your child that the whole eleven plus project can be compromised if the basic rules of co-operation and endeveour are not followed.

If you can achieve this state of mind then you too will be King (or Queen - if you wish.)

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