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Monday, July 27, 2009

Eleven Plus Communication

Teachers at school, parents in their social settings and eleven plus tutors all play a part in helping the eleven plus child towards the examination. Some children will readily work at home through papers - other children may need a little more help.

The intricacies of the eleven plus examination emerge slowly. Parents can not hope to master the content of the examination without learning about the examination, themselves and their children.

There is a wealth of information around about the types of questions that will be asked and how the questions will be presented in the examination. The teacher at school, however, can not be wholly responsible for the performance of a child in an external examination. After all there are many factors beyond the control of the school. Parents can only do the best they can in helping their child prepare. The children themselves will, most often, simply do their best.

One important element is communication. Parents can not expect a teacher at school to be able to answer a direct question: "Will he pass?" There are too many variables.

Parents will have knowledge of what their child can and can not do. Parents can simply hope that their child does as well as possible in the examination.

The tutor (if there is one) adds breadth and depth to the program.

The candidate, we hope, will appreciate the urgency of the endeavor and will work accordingly.

Your eleven plus child will benefit from understanding where each of the parties come from. This is part of eleven plus communication.

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