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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Eleven Plus Opitimism (Friday)

It is likely that almost every set of parents will approach the eleven plus in a highly individual manner. Parents will rely on different books, exercises, tutors and advice. Their children mainly just accept what is offered.. Of course the children may argue about the amount of work that has to be done. The children’s defences must surely collapse when they are offered those heart felt words: “We are only doing this because it is for your own good.”

We are at Bug Jam 2009 today. The are VWs from all over Britain and Europe. It is obvious that certain activities bring people together with common interests. The VW enthusiasts adorn their vehicles with paint jobs and extras. Naturally a split screen pre `58 is highly desirable.

Some of the camper vans seem to have had their rust painted on in an effort to add authenticity and glamour. This is a bit like a parent engaging a number of different eleven plus tutors to `ensure’ that their children pass the eleven plus.

It has rained nearly all day so that there has been no drag racing because the organisers won’t allow anyone near the track if it is wet. There is an old and oft used phrase: “Tomorrow will be better.”

This is a great phrase to reflect on when dealing with the eleven plus. Parents have to be optimistic. They have to be confident. Their children have to believe in their parents – and children have to believe in their parents.

(Posted on Sunday as the mobile card to link the lap top to the internet did not work in the middle of a field.)

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