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Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Eleven Plus Friends

For some children the eleven plus journey is held quietly in the secrecy of the home. Some parents, we understand, prefer not to talk about the eleven plus to other member of the public. Other parents appear to choose to communicate in all manner of different ways about the progress their child is making towards the eleven plus. Forums, blogs, twitter, dinner parties, playground chats, meetings with teachers and formal discussions will all have played a part in the desire to listen, learn and communicate.

Some children will meet up with other eleven plus candidates in lessons, courses, and even classes at school. Naturally there must be some discussion on the eleven plus. The attitude of parents to the examination may come up in discussions. Some parents may love to be a fly on the wall –while others will be eager not to know.

What can parents say to their children about communicating with other children about the eleven plus?

Listen to what you hear. You may learn something.

Show an interest in what the others are studying – this may help you solve some of your problems.

Have a laugh together about your parents – this is not being disloyal to the family – it is to do with building bonds with your fellow candidates.

Keep in touch with your eleven plus friends about what is happening as the eleven plus grows closer.

Explain that sometimes other children may have different points of view about the eleven plus – and that you should not make fun of them.

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