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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Eleven Plus Luck

Do we make eleven plus luck of does luck find us in an examination?

We know from history that Charles 1st had a black cat – and he loved this cat very much. The cat died, unfortunately, but soon afterwards Charles was taken to be executed. Some say that the cat strolled under a ladder the day before he died!

I come from Zimbabwe. This country was once called Rhodesia. I remember a story about a witch doctor who appeared in court back in 1949 who was accused of illegally practising his craft. The judge sentenced him and ordered that his spells and bones should be destroyed. The old man did not mind going to prison all that much – but he was mighty upset about the tools of his trade being destroyed and screamed that lions would return to Salisbury (now called Harare).

We used to pass the spot in the car where the lions suddenly appeared just three weeks after the old man was sent to prison. In 1949 Salisbury was a sophisticated town and lions had not been seen in the streets for fifty years. As children we used to stop squabbling and peer out of the windows hoping to see the lions again. This was a whole pride of lions – the adult male and female and three almost fully grown cubs.

I thought of the lions and the witch doctor because a black cat has taken to visiting us early in the mornings. I must confess that I am afraid to shoo him away – just in case! We do NOT have any ladders near our back door. The combination may prove just a step too far. After all Charles was beheaded after a final walk with his dog!

Today a tall slim woman with long russet hair walked past our house leading a King Charles spaniel. Was this an omen? I have never seen the dog or the woman before. Where did they come from? Had they walked very far?

I would urge all eleven plus families to be nice to their black cats – even those from else where. Further more if the eleven plus casts a spell over the family – then look out for lions! Finally if you see a tall lady with russet hair walking beside a King Charles spaniel be sure to stop her because she may have the answer to Question 35 …

Question 35: Add a similar word to the following:

Bulk, book, bank bark.

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