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Friday, March 11, 2011

Seeing the Eleven Plus Light

The words: “Suddenly he saw the light” can be applied to a wide range of eleven plus adventures. Was there a sudden breakthrough in mathematics? Easy, she saw the light. Did he understand the verbal reasoning question? Naturally, he saw the light.

Sherif, in 1935, did some experiments with the phenomenon of `autokinetic movement’.

He put his subjects into a room where they were deprived of the normal frame points of reference – it was so dark that it was impossible to see the walls and the ceiling. A little tiny dot of light was presented.

It was so dark that it appeared that the light started to move. If a person was placed in the same position on several occasions then it was obvious that the person started to anticipate the movement of the light – even though the light was not moving. The person saw the light moving about the same distance every time. In other words a frame of reference had been established.

It would be amazingly easy to help your child with eleven plus work if all you had to do was place your child in a darkened room. You would then need to shine a little light onto a fixed spot. Your child may then see the light without all the bother of eleven plus tutors, books, on line tests, on line lessons and practice papers. This could change your life! You may need a few AA batteries – but think of the angst that would be saved!

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