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Tuesday, March 01, 2011

2012 and The Eleven Plus

The Olympics are growing ever closer. There are four jumping events – two horizontal and two vertical.

Olympic Long Jump Final Stages

Each competitor is allowed three jumps and the best of the three counts.

Olympic Triple Jump Final Stages
The longest jump of the three by each competitor is the winner.

Olympic High Jump Final Stages

Each competitor is allowed three attempts at the height. If he or she fails three times the competition is over.

Olympic Pole Vault Final Stages

Three failures at any height means that the competitor has to drop out.

Eleven Plus Mathematics
Your child is allowed one attempt at a paper. Too many mistakes and the hope of a grammar school place is withdrawn.

Eleven Plus Verbal Reasoning

Just one chance - too many wrong answers and the Standardised Score will not be reached. There will be no Eleven Plus Pass.

Eleven Plus Non Verbal Reasoning
Stuck for time? Grammar school is no longer an option.

The Eleven Plus is not a sport – but it is a competition. In the finals of the Olympics competitors are given more than one chance. In the final of the Eleven Plus there is only one chance.

Olympic athletes train for years, in some countries public bodies help to pay the fees and training costs. Eleven Plus parents have to pay the lot. There is no universal or standardised system of supporting parents. (Some parents may argue that it is all a bit hit and miss.)

Olympic athletes do the hard work for glory and money. Eleven Plus children do the work for the chance of a place in a chosen grammar school.

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