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Friday, October 07, 2011

Controlled Eleven Plus Assessments

In the rather complicated world of GCSE and `A’ Level examinations invigilators are not allowed to be present at the start of an examination - and then read the examination paper before leaving the room.

No one is allowed to enter an examination room uninvited –with the sole purpose of accessing the examination paper.

Staff are not allowed to give an opinion of the question paper to a candidate – verbally or otherwise.

There can be no communication with candidates or coaching or the providing of encouragement and support.

Anyone concerned with the examination can offer support and encouragement to candidates – up to the moment the candidates enter the examination room.

For some time now some GCSE subjects have included the provision of `Controlled Assessments’. This is the official term for course work – which some children were allowed to do with their parents at home. In eleven plus terms parents would be present while their child worked through an eleven plus selection paper, and could help with answers as well as offer opinions, and then help their child to enter the paper to the eleven plus authorities as evidence of hard work and careful preparation.

Graeme Paton, in the Telegraph has written a description of recent changes to Controlled Assessment that are being recommended. One of the comments on the article is to do, partly, with the Eleven Plus!

The events unfolding in an eleven plus room are carefully monitored. A Controlled Eleven Plus Assessment would offer plenty of scope to ambitious and concerned parents! Just think of the evidence that some families would be able to submit! Papers, test results, comments from tutors and the eleven plus diary kept by every deserving eleven plus mother!

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