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Tuesday, October 04, 2011

In The Eleven Plus Examination Room

There are some eleven plus children still waiting to write their eleven plus examinations. Some children will write in the familiar surroundings of their own school while others will write the examination in a variety of venues. Examinations administered on the behalf of external authorities have to follow reasonably similar conditions. It would not be fair, for example, for one group of children to enjoy the warmth and comfort of a well ordered examination room while others write in poor conditions.

When you chat about the examination remind your child that the examination proper starts as soon as his or her foot crosses the threshold. (Have a small plastic packet ready for any chewing gum your child may care to leave with you. A lump of gum on the steps will probably not endear your child to the authorities!)

You child may be offered special seating – in alphabetical order, for example, or possibly by candidate numbers. Some children may be allowed to sit where ever they fancy.

In a large venue the examination may be held simultaneously over several rooms. In that case the examinations papers may be already on the table. Other children may even see the packet being opened. Plead with your child to leave the papers alone until the right moment has arrived.

Some children will have the instructions on the front cover of the paper read to them and others will be asked to read the instructions themselves.

Your child will be told about emergency measures – especially what to do with the examination paper in the case of some form of alarm. Fire exits and the like will be pointed out to your children.

Most eleven plus tests these days are in a multiple choice format. Sensible pencils and carefully selected rubbers are essential. You will not want your child to be fiddling around with erasable pens or correcting fluid.

Your child will be told when to start and will be warned about the passage of time. Please try to ensure that your child has a watch or a clock for the examination. There will need to be a clock in the room – but this may not be seen all that easily.

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