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Thursday, October 27, 2011

How can a Libran make an Eleven Plus Choice?

A family has just given us the good news – their son has passed two different entrance examinations. The one grammar school is just over six miles away from where the family live. The boy is able to see the other grammar school from his bedroom window. The first grammar school (six miles away) is in the top ten in terms of GCSE results. The second school lies in the top twenty.

The allocation of school comes next near – so the family have to wait an agonising few months to learn which school has been offered. Should the family go to Grammar School Number 1 – where A Levels have been discarded for the Baccalaureate – or go to School Number 2 – where there is an amazing range of A levels?

The boy’s star sign is Libra. This means that he is probably a well-balanced person who weighs things up carefully instead of jumping to impetuous conclusions.

Conclusion 1 When it snows it will be much easier for me to get to the school that is close by.

Librans, however, often keep making comparisons – which can be undesirable.

Conclusion 2 I really liked the other school and there is a bus route that almost passes our door.

Librans are often good peace makers – because they look at both sides of a dispute.

Conclusion 3 Dad wants me to go to his old school. Mum wants me to be happy.

Librans are generally diplomatic and tolerant.

Conclusion 4 We will have to see which school we are offered. I chose to put down one school as first choice – but we may be offered the other.

Librans often have a strong desire for peace and harmony – with a liking for beauty.

Conclusion 5 The beauty is that we have been offered two schools.

What would you, your family and your successful eleven plus child do?

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