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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Eleven Plus Friendships

Do you think that a friendly well liked child will have a better chance of passing the eleven plus than a friendless unpopular child? There are some factors that could possibly influence friendship between children – and intelligence may be one of them.

With adults and children alike social status will probably also be related to popularity. Of course there will always be striking exceptions to this rule. When parents look at the friends their children enjoy it is likely, for one reason or another, the majority of the children will come from a reasonably similar background.

It is possible that popular children will be a little more conformist and more emotionally stable. Children who are socially aggressive will have friends but the relationships may be very different to those enjoyed by children who value adaptability and tolerance.

Families who move around are likely to attract fewer family friends than those living in stable environments. In just the same way children will also probably be able to develop long lasting friendships if they are not exposed to shifts of home and school.

Your eleven plus child may be able to feel emotionally stable and well liked if he or she is popular. It is possible that the happier a child is the more likely he or she will be able to do well academically. Your child’s friend or friends possible have the potential to help to build an atmosphere where security and acceptance are the norm. This could lead to considerably less stress for parents.

Go on – pick up the phone and arrange for your child to `visit’ with a friend.

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