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Saturday, October 08, 2011

Parents and the Eleven Plus

When you look at your eleven plus son approaching his eleven plus work – do the words of Lyte ever cross your mind? Will your son grow up like this? Does your son approach his work in a like manner? Is this the stuff of boys who pass the eleven plus – single minded, knowledgeable and hard working?

Her husband had his avocation too;

He kept, I’ve said, a garden, where he grew

The earliest peas in all the country round,

And fruit for size and flavour far renowned;

To bud and graft, he was supremely skilled,

And aye a pruning knife his pocket filled.

How do parents help their eleven plus children to keep a balance between too much of an emphasis on eleven plus work in the eleven plus year? Family life has to go on. Other members of the family had to be tolerant and turn the T.V. off during the `Eleven Plus Bewitching Hour’. Parents have to budget time to sit with their child to help through stormy passages.

There is no parent in the country who has discovered a simple but comprehensive method of preparing their child for the eleven plus. All that parents can wish is that their child enjoys the process and comes out at the other end proud and happy.

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