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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Building Eleven Plus Confidence

There may, possibly, be one or two eleven plus children who feel a crisis of confidence at some stage of the eleven plus year. Parents, of course, are usually very quick to react. Some eleven plus children may need a little more support than others. Naturally parents will employ a variety of therapeutic techniques.

Supportive Therapy

This is often put into effect immediately to try to help with anxiety and panic. Mum and Dad try to be warm and genuine. The parents will strive for emotional security and try to take away any hint of implied criticism.

Insight Therapy

This is where the parents try to re-educate their child about the route towards the eleven plus. There will be discussions about what happens if the candidate is successful, the steps that will be taken if failure is on the horizon, and the effects on the family if goals have to be altered.

Working-Through Process

Each of the members of the family may have to make some form of adjustment. The eleven plus child, for example, may not want to be treated like a baby – but might be striving towards independence. Some parents may be asking too much of their child – and need to back off. The pressure may need to be taken off if the child begins to worry too much. The whole family may attempt to be more relaxed and accepting.