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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Eleven Plus Advice from Your Doctor

There may be a number of us – when we were much younger – who were very serious about distillation. You will recall that the problem with distillation is that if liquids mix – or do not mix – or if there is a solution of a solid within a liquid – then distillation may become something that has to be thought about.

Let us look first how to obtain a pure liquid from a solution of a solid within a liquid. If the solution is evaporated, then only the liquid boils off and the solid remains. You will also recall, possibly very clearly, that the term vapour is used, sometimes, to refer to a gas which can be easily condensed back to a liquid.  The process of evaporation – followed by condensation – is called distillation.

When we wake and find that our bodies have gone into toxic overload – with a blocked sinus and a heavy head – then we may need some form of help with our nutrition. (This `cure’ should also help if the bottle of wine that was enjoyed last night was emptied or left three quarters full.)
250 g carrots
50 g radishes
1 large apple
Ice cubes
Juice the carrots, radishes and apple. Pour the juice into a blender or food processor and process with a couple of ice cubes.

Your food classes at school will have told you that radishes are a great expectorant, carrots have lots of Vitamin A and apples help to remove toxins. Now every eleven plus parent knows that a hangover cure is not a replacement for advice from a physician. But can you imagine making an appointment to see your doctor.

“Good morning.”

“Good morning doctor. I was working with my eldest on eleven plus exercises last night and felt a powerful desire to distil some gin. The recipe changed into vodka and I think I tried it in too pure a form. I am not feeling very well.”

“I am sorry to hear that. Continue with the eleven plus work. Take long walks to reduce eleven plus stress. Let the vodka distil completely before you try it.

(There may be a long pause.)

I can remember when I was a medical student and we tried to make vodka in the labs. Some worked and some did not. I think I can recall fairly vividly waking up the next day.

If your eleven plus child is thinking of becoming a doctor – bring him in to have a chat with me about which universities have the best labs for brewing.

Thank you and good luck.”

“Thank you doctor.”