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Sunday, January 01, 2012

Eleven Plus Resolutions

A few eleven plus parents will be considering New Year Resolutions for the family. The word `resolve’ has many meanings – and this is why a New Year Resolution is so attractive. If we go back to the Latin learnt at school - the word `solvo’ must immediately spring to mind. (In some parts of the Eleven Plus we are sometimes asked to pick out words within words.) Solvo comes from a familiar declension along the lines of: solvo, solvi, solutum and solvere. The word, in those days, meant to loosen, pay or dissolve.

It is for this reason that some eleven plus parents welcome the idea of resolutions - because they are not designed to hamper us – or punish us with draconian rules or edicts – a good resolution is supposed to loosen or dissolve the problems. In simple terms, and by definition, a resolution `sorts the problem out’.

Sample Resolutions

We will set up a motivational scheme for the family, and for our eleven plus candidate.

We will work on more joint problem solving – and less of rule by `I told you so’.

We will attempt to show more understanding and involvement.

We will design posters, adverts and leaflets to leave around the house intended to be available if s problem should strike.

We will establish an eleven plus honour board – adorned with pennants, titles and citations.

We will engage the wider family so that our candidate’s hard work is recognised on a broader stage.

We will accept that some ideas we had rejected earlier may actually be useful – and that we should listen a little more acutely.

Finally, we should accept that simple intangibles may give our eleven plus child the greatest feeling of security and purpose.

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