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Friday, January 20, 2012

Thinking ahead of the Eleven Plus.

In time your eleven plus child will be trying hard to secure a job. He or she will have on the C.V. some key and salient points.

Wrote and passed the eleven plus
Went to grammar school
Had a part time job with the same company for two years
Worked hard at University – and left with a good degree
Had a part time job in term time at University – in the same organisation
Had a great gap year – and worked my way round the year
Ready now for the challenge of a demanding and stimulating job in your glorious organisation.

The employer will look and wonder. “I am not so concerned with this candidate’s personality as much as wondering how he will fit in with the aims and staff in my firm. I like the fact that he went to grammar school. I like the fact that he had steady part time jobs at school and university. I like the idea of the gap year. This is obviously a good candidate – but will he fit in with my present staff?”

The employer may also ponder: “Will he fit in when we have our company party at Christmas? I can see the intelligence but will he try to dominate – or shows signs of authoritarianism? Will he become a leader? Our business has a strong moral backbone – will he show stability?”

We can now see some of the traits that the eleven plus candidate may need to be able to demonstrate:

A good work ethic
An adventurous nature
Good communicator

Parents could ask their eleven plus child to write down as many pleasant and unpleasant experiences that he can think of. This may offer food for thought – and help up some theories.