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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Eleven Plus Bill of Rights

Should eleven plus children have own `Eleven Plus Bill of Rights’? Some suggestions:

Child feels that parents are pushing too hard.

Parents need to listen to their child
Do not push for information
Make notes to keep as evidence

Parents feel that child is resisting full eleven plus work

The candidate needs to listen to parents
Try to understand why parents want them to do better
Resolve to try harder

Putting words into actions (Called `Good Working Practice’)

Parents and children treat each other with dignity and respect
Both parties become more sensitive to the needs of others
Unacceptable behaviour, on either party, must be addressed and resolved.

Health and Safety within the family

Parents must take good care of their own health and not become too stressed by the eleven plus
Children must be mindful that parents do have rights and do need to be listened to (at times).
Working areas of the eleven plus child need to be kept neat and tidy (By the child taking responsibility.)
One member of the family needs to be appointed the safety officer – and carry out a risk assessment daily.

Guidelines for Parents

The eleven plus is just an examination. It is not life and death.
Parents need to try to promote the health, growth and development of their children – and be nice to them when ever possible.
To be available 365 days a year to answer eleven plus questions and cope with related subjects and issues.

Guidelines for Children

Children must be prepared to maintain adequate timekeeping
Children must be aware that they need to do a fair amount of work – and must not upset their parents simply because they do not agree.
Children must be aware of the Equal Opportunities Policy within the home. (Parents need rest time too! Parents need a break from their children too! Parents have to win every single fight and argument because they are the parents.)

A General Procedure Applicable to Parents and Children

Each member of the family must be able to offer an oral warning
A written warning must be kept in a safe place.
If there is no improvement after a week then a final written warning should be offered.
Any final decisions can only be made the parents after a fair and just hearing (This applies even when parents have to hear themselves!)

The Essence of the Eleven Plus Year

Children will act politely and with consideration to their parents
Children will respond co-operatively to requests and instructions from parents
Children will do their best whenever possible
Children will ask for help when they need help
Children will read all questions twice before asking for help
Children will take an interest in the eleven plus

Finally, children will sometimes do some eleven plus work without being reminded!

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