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Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Eleven Plus and Physical Fitness

Your child is about to enter a competitive examination. You have been duly concerned with developing mental agility and building topic knowledge. You need a fit and healthy child on the day of the examination. Somehow, into the busy day and week, you may find that you need to do a little fitness training.

Your much loved child may suggest a Wii – along with the fitness package. “Mum, I promise I will never play a game until I have done my eleven plus work and my eleven plus physical work out.” Another option could be to hire a personal trainer for your child. Failing these two options you may find that you need to develop a Do It Yourself fitness training program.

Your child’s profile

Reasonably fit and healthy.
Swims three times a week.
Play football.
Rides bicycle.
Like exercise
Would welcome extra attention

Goal Setting

Would be willing to give up some pen and paper eleven plus work to develop physical fitness eleven plus work.
Will be realistic and understand that you are doing your best.

The Weekly Program

Will adopt warm up and cool down exercises


Would be willing to evaluate the effectiveness of each session
Will accept your feedback (To a degree)
Will demonstrate understanding of what you are trying to achieve.

If your child is able to develop and show sustained progress then you should be able to award a Level 3 Eleven Plus Physical Fitness badge. You just hope that this badge is the equivalent of ten eleven plus points. This could be the difference between pass or fail.