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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Eleven Plus Explanations

Why are some parents able to do all sorts of eleven plus questions?

It could be that they are older and wiser. Another reason could be that parents may feel the need to read questions a little more carefully.

If parents have all these worthwhile attributes, how can they explain, succinctly and crisply what gems they know to their eleven plus children? There is an old and wise eleven plus saying:

Keep close to experience; add as little of
Your own as possible; if you have to add
Something, be mindful to give an account
Of every step you take.

Initiates to eleven parenting will quickly find out that learning without achieving insight and appreciation is slow and painful. Parents will therefore want to try to keep their children full of motivation and enthusiasm.

Sometimes, however, in an effort to make sure their child has fully understood the ramifications of the topic, there may be a `tiny’ inclination to over sell expertise. “Be mindful to keep an account of every step you take.”