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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Investors in People and The Eleven Plus

A question that must cross the minds of prospective eleven plus parents could be to do with the qualifications and experience of the teachers.

The Extra Tuition Centre had always been involved in training and development of staff. New ways of doing things were coming and the change was in the air. The Extra Tuition Centre chose Investors in People as an aide to the mechanism of change. The partners believed that Investors in People would help them to develop a strong and sustainable business. The first aim was to try to help the teachers and administrative staff feel that Etc had a strong commitment towards them. The teachers and staff had to feel that their input was valued.

There was also the very important consideration that parents would be sent a strong signal that training and development of staff was considered to be vitally important. The Extra Tuition Centre also wanted parents to feel that there was a genuine desire to deliver excellence.

Investors in People has a three year audit cycle – an external auditor arrives and helps the people who are interviewed to understand their role in the organisation – and also how they feel that they are appreciated and involved. The three year cycle helps the Extra Tuition Centre to continually identify areas that could be developed – and have been developed following the recommendations of the previous assessment.

The development of young A Level students is an essential ingredient. They are all bright, able and articulate young people. For the children attending tuition to make progress the A Level students have to understand their influence as role models. Our A Level students have to feel appreciated – and this is a continual challenge.

 Investors in People is the heart of the Extra Tuition Centre. The owners have passed the mantle of developing its people to two gifted leaders. Their insight and drive will help thousands of children in the years to come.