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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Eleven Plus Phobia

When repressed fear is transferred to a particular object or situation the resulting fear is called a phobia.

Most of us have reasonably mild phobias – some people don‘t like spiders, others fear snakes and some hate vermin. It must be miserable to live a life with a fear of heights or the dark or even being frightened of birds or animals.

When the phobia reaches a certain proportion then a person’s life must be severely restricted. Years ago it was thought that fears associated with guilt or shame needed to be repressed. In some cases there appears to be an element of transfer - where the poor person tries to rationalise the phobia – and transfers the fear to similar but different object. This must be very confusing for the rest of the family. Everyone knows that grand mum hates leaving the house – but why does she actually hate dogs too?

There is only one good thing about a phobia and that is the names that are offered. These names commonly come up in quizzes and the like. “What is a fear of snakes called?” “What do you call a person who hates heights?”

Is it likely that there are phobias associated with doing extra work towards the eleven plus?

What do you call a mother with three children – each having activities on the same afternoon in three different locations - with a car that needs a service? (Carservicephobia?)

What do you call an eleven plus boy who has to choose between playing football for the school and working with a tutor towards the eleven plus? (Elevenplustutorphobia?)

What do you call an elder sister who has passed the eleven plus but won’t help her sister because they have had a falling out? (Siblingphobia?)

What do you call a fear of your child not passing the eleven plus?