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Sunday, February 26, 2012

An Eleven Plus Rocket

You feel you want to give your child a rocket. You wonder if your goals and those of your child are actually going to meet on the day of the examination. You know that your child is remarkably able. You know too that he or she is possibly capable of more. You want to deliver a motivational speech. Before you start you feel the need for a `nice cup of tea’ – and a little something for your child. If you are going to give a rocket – why not offer a `pre rocket pick me up’?

Pre-Rocket Fuel

1 Ripe mango
300 ml pineapple juice
The juice of half a lime.

When your child was three years old you could have offered a little sprinkle of `Hundreds and Thousands’ over the concoction. (A spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down.) At ten years old it is too late. “Drink it dear, it is good for your health.”

The Rocket

“Thank you for joining me for this little pre-eleven plus chat. I am sure the conversation will remain friendly. We are a bit worried about your eleven plus work at the moment. Let me try to explain this in my way. You know that you cannot play golf if you in the bath. You also know that you cannot write your actual eleven plus examination while you are swimming in the swimming pool. You also cannot work on an eleven plus paper in your bedroom if you are down stairs watching T.V.

Now the things you can do. You can earn a good living and have a happy life even if you do not pass the eleven plus. You can enjoy a happy relationship with the rest of the family if you do not pass the eleven plus. You can still go to a good school if you do not pass the eleven plus.

But dear, life and the eleven plus is like a sandwich. If you approach your eleven plus work in a mature and helpful manner - then your life should be happier and more focused. If you work in a vigorous and wholehearted manner you will feel more focused. If you do not stay focused and deliver of your best at all times – you cannot honestly say you did you best.

Correct your attitude to the eleven plus. Be realistic. Do not feel you have to accept a cheese sandwich if you actually want a hamburger.

You have listened without a word. Well done. This rocket is over. Have you anything to say?”

“Mum – can I have chips with the hamburger?”