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Sunday, April 08, 2012

Eleven Plus Catchment Zones

An area of concern for some parents is the so called catchment zone.  We are aware that that house prices and occupational status helps to develop a community. An indirect consequence must be some schools becoming more desirable than others.

There could be an argument that the parents of prospective grammar school children would wish that their loved ones would aim for a professional education.  Way back in 1963 Musgrove wrote about the Migratory Elite. This covered the migration of grammar school children from their home communities to areas where they could find professional employment.

The 1944 Education Act tried, in part, to free children from their geographical boundaries. The Eleven Plus examination attempted to give educational and academic opportunities to a wide range of children. But where some grammar schools wanted children from a narrow and restricted area – other grammar school threw their net a s wide as possible in an attempt to be able to offer places to a much wider population.

Pupil A

“Yes please. I would like to go to a grammar school. It will offer me so much. My parents really want to give me the opportunity to do well.”

Pupil B

“My parents told me to please myself.”

Pupil C

“There has never been any question about it. I am going to be a farmer just like my father, and his father before.”

It would be interesting to see the relationship between home back ground and future career choice.