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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Eleven Plus Instructions

The instructions at the beginning of some eleven plus exercises may need to be different to those at the beginning of the actual examination. We can give an instruction along the lines of: “Give one word with the same meaning as each of the following words: `Tuition, Training, Coaching.”

We can also offer the advice that it is important to follow the instructions very carefully as the eleven plus examiners are trying to find children who can follow instructions as well as children who are clever and able.

Parents and teachers alike could also say: “Do not get struck on one hard question, you can always come back to it at the end, if there is time.”

For the eleven plus examiner the rubric or instructions which candidates have to follow need to be enforceable to try to make sure that all candidates have the same opportunities.

We cannot force a child to leave out hard questions. We can, however, ensure that all eleven plus children have the same amount of time to do the test.

Some parents may consider trying to help their children understand the logistics of the examination. In the examination all children have to start on time and finish on time. Some children may need to consider that behaviour before, during and after doing a paper at home may, possibly, need to be very different to conduct in the actual examination. Is this called prudent housekeeping?