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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Eleven Plus Solutions

A number of us find codes a rather daunting task.

I have a 6d copy of a book on Behaviourism published in 1930. The preface was by Josiah Morse and he maintained:

“Scientists, like other human beings, are children of the age in which they live, and reflect it in their viewpoints and conclusions.”

Someone, somewhere must have decided that codes investigated and measured certain aspects of intelligence. Someone, somewhere must have decided that codes should be used in some types of eleven plus examinations as a tool to select children for grammar schools.

It must be reasonably easy for an erudite scholar or researcher to find out the` who, why and when’ of codes first appearing on an official eleven plus paper. We all know, for example, that it was the Ancient Greek, Democritus, who reduced the universe to a mechanism of atoms. Who reduced the ability to earn a place in a grammar school to a collection of funny nonverbal reasoning shapes?

If we did know the answer, we could at least pray to the right `Deity’ to help us to find some of the solutions.