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Monday, April 09, 2012

An Expert's View of the Eleven Plus

There will be times when eleven plus parents feel that their child has the ability. There could, possibly, be other moments when parents wonder if their bright and able offspring is actually going to deliver on the day. Eleven plus parents, however, never give up: “It will be all right on the day. I know my child.”

Some parents may consider developing a simple expert system to help during the hours of darkness. To some it could be reasonably easy. There is a function in a spread sheet to do with the word AND( ).

(A1) The Eleven Plus Expert System


(A3) Is my child going to pass the Eleven Plus?
(B3) Yes
(A4) Am I certain that my child will pass the eleven plus?
(B4) No
(A5) Will my child need to do extra work towards the eleven plus?
(B5) Yes

Enter a formula, along the lines of, = IF (AND (B3=“Yes”, B4=”No”, B5=”Yes”), “Buy the champagne”, “Urge more work”)

It then is easy to keep altering the solution.

Some may feel that “Buy the champagne” may be a little premature.

Others may feel that their child is working hard enough. (Change” Urge more work” to “Keep going as we are”.)

Test the expert system by asking other eleven plus parents what they think. Add their ideas and comments to your spread sheet.

Ponder - even modern science cannot guarantee a pass!