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Friday, March 22, 2013

Eleven Plus Mistakes

Is it easy to convince an eleven plus candidate that it is possible to learn from mistakes? Naturally you will say: “When you learn something new, it is likely that you will make mistakes.”

Your child may then agree – but still want to move on and leave the battle field.

Your next admonishment becomes: “If you learn from your mistakes you may avoid making the same mistake again and again.”

At this stage there may a rather indistinct mumble.

You then ask the question: “What have you been told to do?”

“I must not jump to conclusions. I must read the question.”

“And the second suggestion?”

“Oh yes. You keep reminding me to consider all the possible answers before choosing the right answer.”

“Yes dear. Mistakes are not bad. They are bad only when you do not learn from them.”

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