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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Eleven Plus Tests

Parents use the results of eleven plus tests and papers to assess and monitor the progress of their children. Concentrating on the results of eleven plus papers, however, may not provide a full picture of a child. Sometimes test results are used in a diagnostic manner – where parents are trying to find out what needs to be done. Tests can also be used in a formative manner – to enable planning of future work. Summative marking of tests gives a score or a level.

There are some computer-adaptive tests which are sensitive to each pupil’s answers on the test. The computer selects and presents new questions that are matched, as far as possible, to the pupil’s performance.

Parents using on-line tests would probably expect instant analysis and results. Some tests will offer National Curriculum levels. Parents may have a variety of questions they want answered.

How is my child doing in comparison to other children in his or her age group?

Is my child reaching a reasonable level of achievement?

What are my child’s strengths and weaknesses?

Are there any areas I need to concentrate on?

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