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Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Eleven Plus and the Army

“If you want to do well in the eleven plus you will need to fight for it. The eleven plus is not handed to you on a plate.”

This is indeed fighting talk! (Is this called pressure on the child?)

There are units in the army where fighting is all important. These days the army usually fights against another country or against rebels. The army, however, is not only made up of men and women who are the actual fighters – there are the equally precious teams of cooks and bottle-washers - because without logistics those involved in the act of shooting would not even have the bullets.

All ranks and stations in the army are aware of the great need to work together. This is sometimes called character building. Men and women in the front line need to be disciplined and, at times, disregard danger.

The army prides itself on offering a heritage that soldiers are invited to embrace. The newest squaddie is taught to be proud of his or her squad – and mindful of responsibility towards others. A those joining the army are expected to be loyal and not let the `regiment’ down.

The army emphasises the need to have standards of behaviour that everyone adheres to. This helps to keep as many as possible alive!

All this emphasis on bonding and care for each other can be a little daunting to an eleven plus child! The family, however, has to work together during the eleven plus year. The rules of engagement may, however, be reasonably simple:

Law 1: No fighting with siblings
Law 2: No fighting with parents
Law 3: No fighting
Law 4. No fighting.

Bright eleven plus children will be able to understand the difference between no fighting and no fighting.

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