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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Case Study - Bhaduri

Tania and Mahua Bhaduri were mentioned in a Daily Telegraph article. They both achieved 5 `A' grades at `A' level. One won a place at university and the other was forced to take a gap year. (Daily Telegraph Friday, 17th, 2007 Page 5)

Tania and Mahua did eleven plus work with us. They went on to Tonbridge Grammar School. When they started their `A' year they began to work for us on a Saturday morning at our centre in Maidstone.

We thank them very much for all their enthusiasm and input into our eleven plus children. We know that the children they worked with benefited from their expertise and ability.

Good luck to Tania on her year out.

Good luck to Mahua on her university place.

Many thank too to Dr. Bhaduri, a consultant paediatrician at Maidstone Hospital. He drove his children to eleven plus lessons. He drove his children to teach for us. Parents really do have to work hard for their children!

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