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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Environment Friendly Eleven Plus Exams.

One reason why we have eleven plus examinations is that we hope that the examinations will tell us about how our children will be able to do in other test situations.

So we hope then that the eleven plus examinations will predict what it they are supposed to predict. Suppose that the eleven plus examinations are very good at predicting that today’s eleven plus child will make lots of money as an adult. Some parents would then rate this highly in their list of preferences. If, however, the examination was good a t predicting numbers of young adults being successful in degree class examinations – then other parents may find this more desirable.

So if the test questions were based the ability to be able to understand money and how make money then we would please some parents. If the questions in a different test required the ability study, learn and provide appropriate answers then we would certainly find a different set of children.

So when parents look at practice eleven plus papers they must wonder at time about the relevance of questions.

Imagine the reaction if you said that you only wanted green eleven plus questions, The materials would naturally need to be printed on recycled paper. The examinations questions would need to be checked carefully. A question where Car A leaves Spot B and races at a certain speed towards Spot V while Car F leaves Spot G and drives towards the same spot – but a ad different speed, This question would probably be suspect unless there was a rider that the cars would need to be environment friendly.

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