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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Eleven Plus Food

Our ten year old Carla flew home to her parents today. She travelled as an unaccompanied minor on British Airway from Gatwick to Gibraltar. The staff at the airport were exemplary in their attitude towards her. Carla started travelling on her own to see us over the summer holidays when she was seven.

Carla, you see, is the face of Etc. She is on all our literature and on our website.

She attended two of our eleven plus courses – working on mathematics, verbal and non verbal reasoning and English. After all what can grandparents offer their grand child other than unconditional love and education?

As you can imagine the whole process of booking in is easy. She was ushered to the desk for `Lone Travellers’ where she was issued with her boarding card and then on to Zone F to wait for her escort to the plane. We had some time to kill so asked Carla what she wanted to eat. We were most surprised for her to say McDonalds! (Her first of the holidays.)

The tray was covered with a paper mat. On the reverse was printed the statement that the paper was 00% recycled and chlorine free. There was an icons guide to the calories, protein, fat, carbohydrate and salt in every offering.

We ordered the salad but were told that McDonald no longer offered the dish because there were not enough takers. So while McDonald attempted to offer nutrition and ingredient information in as much detail as possible the general public still wanted McDonald to be a McDonald. You are who you are!

We all survived and enjoyed the treat. The chips were especially tasty and hot.

By now Carla will be with her parents. We hope she shows them all the work she did with us with as much pride as we offered the work to her.

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