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Saturday, August 04, 2007

Saving a Life

NEVER-NEVER LAND is an island in an unknown location. No female visitors are allowed. Access to Never-Never Land is obtained by three means.

It is sometimes seen by children as they hover on the edge of sleep.
It can be reached by baby boys who fall out of their prams. (Apparently girls are too intelligent to fall out of prams.)
The final way of entering Never-Never Land is by being invited by Peter Pan.

Only one girl ever entered Never-Never Land and that was Wendy Darling.

Pirates used to frequent the island. Their leader was Captain Hook. Peter Pan cut off his hand and fed it to the crocodile.

Tinker Bell was Peter Pan’s beautiful companion.

Children love to be terrified by stories about ghosts and strange happenings. But in the story of Peter Pan and Wendy children are introduced to a range of emotions. They learn about:

Magic Dust
Never Trees
Eating pigs
Cruel Indians
Hands being hacked off
Crocodiles eating hands
Predators and man eaters

The most important thing that children learn about life from Peter Pan and Wendy is that if you clap your hands you restore the life of a fairy.

So when you applaud your child and give praise for work well done – you will not only make your child very happy but you will also save a life. So many of us have the opportunity to be pleasant and give praise when it is due – and it is a great relief to know that we can also save lives at the same time.

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